SUPALITE - The Extra Lightweight Tiled Roof System

The Tiled Conservatory Roof company have teamed up with Supalite, who have been manufacturing conservatory roof systems to homes for over 20 years.

Have you ever wanted to see how our SupaLite roofs are assembled? Below is a selection of videos detailing the Supalite Conservatory Roof System and showing examples of a typical install.

There is a choice of exterior metro tile or Tapco slate; both very well established products with a life expectancy of over 40 years. Many colour options are available with each option. The SUPALITE STRUCTURE can also take tiles to match the house such as a concrete or pan tile (Existing frames will need strengthening or replacing).


Supalite Tiled Roof Promotion

Supalite Tiled Roof Installation

Supalite Tiled Roof Conversion