SUPALITE - The Extra Lightweight Tiled Roof System

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Replacement Conservatory Roof

The Supalite Roof System is designed to replace an existing glass, polycarbonate conservatory roof, or can be installed as part of a new installation.

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The SUPALITE ROOF dramatically reduces the temperature in summer, dramatically increases the temperature in winter, reduces glare and noise, the conservatory will become part of your home, usable all year round.

There is a choice of exterior metro tile or Tapco slate; both very well established products with a life expectancy of over 40 years. Many colour options are available with each option. The SUPALITE STRUCTURE can also take tiles to match the house such as a concrete or pan tile (Existing frames will need strengthening or replacing).

The SUPALITE roof is insulated to achieve a u. value of 0.18 or 0.15 as required. As all professional home extensions the SUPALITE roof system is designed with an overhanging soffit with fascia in a choice of colour. Gutters and rainwater pipes are supplied with each roof in white, black, brown or caramel.

The SUPALITE roof system is designed with adequate ventilation to eliminate condensation. Roof vents, interior LED lighting, exterior LED lighting are available with a switch or remote control. The interior can be timber or PVC clad but normally is plastered to follow the contour of the conservatory roof shape.